Saturday, April 6, 2013

A PREX Reunion

 A PREX Reunion

I am truly delighted with this opportunity to reunite with my Batch 3 Prex Clasmates of year 2000. Its been ten years and nine months since we last sat down as a group and individually committed ourselves to do our part in evangelization.  We all wanted to make a difference in our community
Ten years is a long time specially so when you blend the vagaries of life to the natural deterioration of the  human mind.  A lot of trivia that occurred during that supposedly memorable weekend now escapes me  but by the grace of God, some lessons remain untarnished by time.  Here are some impressions that have been imprinted or seared in my memory:
1.       Before I joined PREX I had the mistaken notion that this was another organization and/ or movement  the Parish  was pushing.  HOW WRONG I WAS! I needed that weekend experience so that I may  open my mind and  renew my ties with him –He was actually giving me the opportunity  to re-experience the joys of being  a part of His Church. Prex helped me rediscover my childhood faith.

The entire experience brought about a paradigm shift to loving one’s neighbor. The weekend seminar had somehow brought about a  deeper and broader dimension to the words – patience, tolerance and responsibility.  The experience had somehow made me conscious  of the need to belong to one another as Church. PREX  – Reunion, July 24, 2011

3.       Unforgettable too was my first experience on how the faithful are “Slain by the Holy Spirit.” I remember being so scared that should I be “slain by the Holy Spirit” I would lose my poise when I fall backward like a sack of rise.

4.       The unforgettable sharings from the heart of the participants. Unloading of hurts, insecurities and other painful experiences that needed to be unloaded in order to bring about healing and  reconciliation. I was amazed at how the participants took for granted that whatever was spoken could remain to the confines of that moment, that the group would understand.



Sunday, October 28, 2007

New Blog; New Cat! Wow...

I'm a computer dummy and a certified cat lover. Its a horribly frustrating combination when one is trying to open a blog for the first time.
I test my son's patience as I struggle to wade through an incredibly busy looking computerscreen loaded with mysterious icons and God knows what else..How can I concentrate when when my mind keeps wondering on that beautiful kitten. Do you think I have the "cat flu?" Is it full moon tonight?

You should see my daughter's cat.

See, I told you. I am supposed to be practicing my lesson on "how to open my first blog" and all I could think of is that beautiful, furry feline of mysterious origins. My son's wife insists "Bluey" is a Siamese Cat, but hey, you cat lovers out there...have you ever seen a Siamese Cat with light zebra stripes on her head and butt and only on those places? He sports a furry, furry tail that makes you wonder if one ancestor happend to be a fox! A cat with fluffy coat as soft as cotton and whiskers as long as a tiger cub? Call him by any other name but Siamese Cat.

We call him " Bluey De Ayala" Why? To begin, with he has eyes as blue as clouds on summer day and he walks with the air of a TRUE aristoCAT..hence, the monicer "De Ayala." He, he a cat to the manor born.

Now back to my nth attempt to open a blog. I guess all I needed was patience and baby talk...the kind of talk you use when teaching pre-schoolers.

Well, so far so good. I guess I have to credit my son for remembering his mom was afterall born on that time when all that was expected of an intelligent grade I pupil was to be able to read " I am Pepe, I am Pilar. This is Bantay our dog and he barks Bow-wow-wow."

Monday, October 1, 2007