Sunday, October 28, 2007

New Blog; New Cat! Wow...

I'm a computer dummy and a certified cat lover. Its a horribly frustrating combination when one is trying to open a blog for the first time.
I test my son's patience as I struggle to wade through an incredibly busy looking computerscreen loaded with mysterious icons and God knows what else..How can I concentrate when when my mind keeps wondering on that beautiful kitten. Do you think I have the "cat flu?" Is it full moon tonight?

You should see my daughter's cat.

See, I told you. I am supposed to be practicing my lesson on "how to open my first blog" and all I could think of is that beautiful, furry feline of mysterious origins. My son's wife insists "Bluey" is a Siamese Cat, but hey, you cat lovers out there...have you ever seen a Siamese Cat with light zebra stripes on her head and butt and only on those places? He sports a furry, furry tail that makes you wonder if one ancestor happend to be a fox! A cat with fluffy coat as soft as cotton and whiskers as long as a tiger cub? Call him by any other name but Siamese Cat.

We call him " Bluey De Ayala" Why? To begin, with he has eyes as blue as clouds on summer day and he walks with the air of a TRUE aristoCAT..hence, the monicer "De Ayala." He, he a cat to the manor born.

Now back to my nth attempt to open a blog. I guess all I needed was patience and baby talk...the kind of talk you use when teaching pre-schoolers.

Well, so far so good. I guess I have to credit my son for remembering his mom was afterall born on that time when all that was expected of an intelligent grade I pupil was to be able to read " I am Pepe, I am Pilar. This is Bantay our dog and he barks Bow-wow-wow."

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eduardomapajr said...

HI Mommydoo.
Welcome to the world of blogging!